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Welcome to our web site and presentation of The 2 Percent, an unconventional story about a group of young Italian males growing up in the solid, middle class town of Nutley, NJ, during the 1960’s and how they made it through life.

This is a true story and involves a life lesson. It is not an easy task to condense one’s most formative learning years into a 30 minute film. In developing this film we tried to give the viewer a feel or glimpse into a very complex social environment set up by the guys themselves, to make it work for them as their needs called for.

Most of us were a product of broken homes with little or no parental guidance. We were left to find our own way through life and learned early on, that society, school, police and everyone else outside of our circle viewed us as an undesirable element in society or what we refer to as the 2 percent. We learned on the streets, we trusted each other and no one else. We made our decisions on the spot, even knowing that sometimes there would be consequences or a price to pay. But, we were willing to pay that price, just to not owe anyone else. We did the best we could for each other with little resources, only what each damaged individual himself brought to the group. We endured years of what I always refer to as “the drama & trauma of our lives”. There was very little forgiveness or compassion filtered into our daily lessons in life. We grew with the attitude that it was us against them.

Now it is our goal and hope to bring each character’s personal story and experiences to life, by moving past our short film to a future full feature movie which would delve deeper into the inner workings of this group’s very interesting and compulsive behaviors.

There are real life experiences in this story and it is our hope that in some way, this movie could help carve an easier path for other young men, struggling with the same issues while offering a better comprehension of why boys are bad boys.

Unfortunately, not all the guys made it through. Some situations were just too overwhelming, the road to turning back disappeared and there was no longer anyone there for them. We lost a few but we triumphed with many who successfully established families and careers. Through it all we remain bonded together and stand together to tell our story.

Ralph Cardinale

The song is written and performed by Steve Petruno - Song Title “Brother” - In memory of Gary Milano